" Some days we paint with large bold strokes, like when someone finishes a book report or gets a piece of music ready for performing. Most of our days are softer in color. A little dab here a little dab there, following a rough draft, but allowing ourselves to paint outside the lines when we want too. "
~ Deborah Jean

Oak Meadow

We have always led a very creative homeschooling life from the start. I believe that’s why both of our children are so comfortable “making things” whether it is with paint, clay, wood, paper, words, etc. When we decided to use a curriculum Oak Meadow was the most natural choice for us! 

Oak Meadow is a perfect compliment to our creative homeschooling lifestyle. Currently we are using grade 7 and 9 for our two teens. We love that it's foundation is rooted in the Waldorf Learning Philosophy bringing art, nature and academics together embracing the whole child learning experience. If you are a homeschooler with a natural bent towards creativity visit Oak Meadow's site to learn more about how their curriculum can enrich your homeschooling days.