" Some days we paint with large bold strokes, like when someone finishes a book report or gets a piece of music ready for performing. Most of our days are softer in color. A little dab here a little dab there, following a rough draft, but allowing ourselves to paint outside the lines when we want too. "
~ Deborah Jean

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Homeschool Blog Carnival

Sprittibee is hosting today's Carnival of Homeschooling titled:

School Rooms and the Places we Learn!

 Over the last few days, I've visited some of the most amazing " home learning" spaces!  My homeschoolin' hat's off to all the mom's and dads who have created such inspiring spaces to learn!

As for the DANDELION HOUSE  homeschool, our den has been designated to house most of our educational materials. The walls are painted with Benjamin Moore's  Concord Ivory which is really more of a mellow sunny yellow. It's a warm cozy space even with all the brightly painted furniture! 

 There are two hand painted desks in shades of blue, our treasured antique piano that my mother in law learned to play on when she was a girl,

and large wall maps for when google just doesn't give us the big world view we need. There are brightly painted book cases in green and red which play nicely with the colorful book bindings and odds and ends on the shelves. 

But more often than not, we end up at the dining room table in our comfy clothes, basking in the morning sun while we puzzle through the days lessons  and daily doin's of keeping a CREATIVE homeschooling house a home all at the same time. 

 I love having one  designated room to house our " educational materials " . It helps keep order in the rest of the house, but when we need to get CREATIVE we head to the Dandelion Workshop

Over the years I have filled our home with re purposed flea market finds, and one of a kind hand painted pieces that reflect our optimistic outlook on life and the belief that anything is possible when you... 

" reach for the stars " 

Thanks for visiting our " school room "  We're so glad you stopped by.

Head on over to Sprittibee to see some colorful, inspiring, well organized AND, homey learning spaces!


  1. I love to see how everyone arranges their "stuff". Your art center has character. We usually end up in our sunroom, but school is everywhere here. BTW, concord ivory is found in our school space, too. Funny!

  2. Terri,
    Me too! I really enjoyed seeing all the wonderful spaces that homeschooling parents create for their families... I saw a lot of imagination and resoursfulness in those spaces.
    Funny we have the same wall color in our school rooms !
    Thanks for your note today!


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