" Some days we paint with large bold strokes, like when someone finishes a book report or gets a piece of music ready for performing. Most of our days are softer in color. A little dab here a little dab there, following a rough draft, but allowing ourselves to paint outside the lines when we want too. "
~ Deborah Jean

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Creativity of a Different Kind

Do you ever feel stumped, stalled or just plain befuddled in your homeschool? We all have those times when the message is loud and clear that we need to stop, re-think our direction and if needed change course.

If you have been homeschooling for a few years or more you have probably established a natural rhythm to your days that just " feels right " for your family. That being said, we are always growing and changing. When our first child enters double digits, we wonder where the time went then, the teen years arrive at warp speed and with them growing pangs of a different sort. Their needs are changing and so is the way they want to be loved, nurtured and taught. Lets face it, teens can seem very distracted with the biological changes happening to them, not to mention the constant hunger! I'm no expert on the chemistry of a teen agers brain, but I can  sense when we need to shake things up a bit. It's not unusual for them to have brief periods of feeling unmotivated and UN- inspired. 
I liken it to the dry spell an artist has before the next creative storm hits. 

Earlier this week we got wind that the Mayflower was going to be heading back to Plymouth Harbor by way of the Cape Cod Canal. 

It was a beautiful day and I couldn't resist the idea of going out for an airing by the water! I grabbed our oldest teen and he grabbed the dog, his scooter and off we went! 

We walked, talked and he scooted along in his own thoughts for a while, always circling back to rib me about how slow I was or ask, " How much longer mom?" We laughed and joked along the way enjoying the warmth of the sun, and just being together. Unfortunately the Mayflower experienced delays coming through the canal so we didn't end up seeing it together as I had hoped. It was supposed to arrive around 2:00. We stuck it out until 3:30 then I brought him home. 

Once we were home I checked the Captains Blog and read that the Mayflower was getting close to our area so I headed back to the canal. I was determined to see it and snap a few photos. 

Her sails were down but she still looked beautiful  as she made her way home to Plymouth Harbor.

It was worth the wait! I finally got my photos but the best part was the few hours I stole with our son.

He was pretty impressed with old mom's photography efforts! I still don't know how I managed to capture him mid- air in just one shot! The airing was good for both of us.  Sometimes, boys just need to be boys.

Creative homeschooling isn't just about what you make with your hands, it's also how you creatively navigate through the dry spells. Usually, there's no need to abandon course entirely. A side trip can open up new channels for you and your child adding to the well of  homeschooling memories made to last a life time.

How do you adapt to your changing teens? I'd love to hear about it!

Happy Creative Homeschooling!
Deborah Jean 


  1. Lovely photographs! I noticed you became a follower today, thank you so much. Oh gosh, I wish I could give you a short answer about changing teens. I was at the dinner table last night and my husband and I both realized we only have 1 teen left and he is going to be 16 such a weird feeling of raising kids for almost the last 3o years. I think it would be do what they like and talk lots and listen to their music.

  2. What a wonderful day!! I would love to see the Mayflower!

    Can't help on the teen scene-my oldest will just be a teenager this year!


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