" Some days we paint with large bold strokes, like when someone finishes a book report or gets a piece of music ready for performing. Most of our days are softer in color. A little dab here a little dab there, following a rough draft, but allowing ourselves to paint outside the lines when we want too. "
~ Deborah Jean

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Welcome September!

Let me break the blog silence by saying, I'm back and welcome new followers! 
Happy New Learning  Adventures! 
I say adventures because every year is an adventure for us. Not like skydiving really, but at times almost as exhilarating and equally frighting!  That being said, we're off and running for our eleventh year of homeschooling. 
We are homeschooling our son who is 15 and a half and some old school  ideas have been popping into my head. What about a diploma? Will he have a school graduation? Will he NEED a diploma? How about those transcripts? Will I create them? Or will I want a third party helping me out? 
Yes, I have questions and lots of them. So... this morning I had a phone conference with an advisor from Oak Meadow and she helped me through my befuddled state. By the time we hung up I could breath again! She reminded me of all the reasons we started down this path in the first place. Creativity, flexibility, and following our instincts when it comes to how each of our children live and learn. 


She assured me that many colleges don't even ask for diplomas any more. They are more interested in our home schooled children as people and what they can contribute to their learning institution and those around them. ( diploma's are an outdated idea ) That was liberating!  After we hung up I was energized and ready to tackle learning more about creating my own college transcripts for our children when the time comes. 
 So, we begin this year with a blank page. We can fill it as we see fit. 

Hmm. I guess we're still creatively homeschooling after all these years! 

If any of you have links to share along these lines... please do! 
Happy Homeschooling!