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Monday, January 10, 2011


 I'm so excited to host the first 
Hands on Homeschool Blog Carnival of 2011!

Step right up! You're in for several inspiring treats today! 
Your first stop is BABY STEPS for some good old fashioned bubble blowing experiments sure to get you in a game playing mood! 

I've needed to remind Monkey that blowing bubbles in the milk isn't good manners recently (amazing, right!), so I was pretty sure he'd like this activity. It didn't disappoint." 

Now you're ready for creating and organizing for a new session

 with Shirley at Home  all the way from South Africa. 

Shirley says," Part of planning for me is decorating a new planner for each school year. In the past I have used a hard-cover A4 book, but this year I wanted something a little different. Something that could accommodate all my planning sheets as well as the numerous craft, cooking and ideas sheets that I fine throughout the year in various magazines etc..." 

How to Make a Winter Sensory Box!  

A sensory box is a container that you can put different items into for stimulating your child’s senses. Its similar to a sensory table, (like you may have seen in your child’s school or day care center). A sensory box can be any size that is convenient for your home, a shoe box works really well. Follow these simple instructions to make a winter themed sensory box for your child!

Carnivals always make me hungry. Time for a cookie!

Let's pop in on Cherylin at Talking to Myself blog ( creator of the Hands on
Homeschooling Carnival) and see whats cookin'!
 "Dear Daughter is deep into her Christmas cookie baking for the baking business she's been operating since she was 9 or 10 years old. "

 Oh, what the heck! We'll play too! 

Check out what the Diorama Diva  made from discarded shoe boxes and other random items saved for when the inspiration to create hits home. 

Marcia of Child in Harmony  shares the joys of  having a birds eye view of her Bird Haven.  

" Our Bird Haven is an inspiration. We learn so much and have fun in the process."

The Five of Us Blog  shares How to Make a Suet Log Feeder

 Last, but not least...

Sarah, from Real Life Blog shares her tried and true easy ways to add Music to your Home Schooling Curriculum even if you're not a musician!

Thanks so much to all the creative hands on home schoolers who entered this carnival and a BIG THANKS to those of you who came along for the ride!  

To submit YOUR hands on homeschooling article for future carnivals  or to host one one on your blog visit this link! 

Happy Creative Homeschooling~


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