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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stitches of Love

I'm not a knitter, but I know a little elf that has been very busy in the Dandelion Workshop.

Nicolette's knitting needles have been getting a workout the last couple of weeks! She became interested in knitting a couple of years ago and with the help of a friend and a Knitting book by Anne Akers Johnson called Knitting  ( for ages 10 and up) she was on her way!  A friend showed her how to cast on and off and the book helped her with the basics of winding her yarn into a ball, tying a slip knot, hand position, casting on, knitting, purling, casting off, and other nitty-gritty details!

She was determined to learn on her own and spent many evening hours up in her room on her bed studying her " knitting bible"! In true Nicolette fashion, she was knitting in no time and I can't say enough about how well done this book is.. It truly is easy to follow and makes learning so much more fun! I wish I had  taken a photo of the first hats she made. We visited my brothers out west in November of 2007 and one of them ( along with his wife) loves to hunt. When we returned home she decided that they needed something warm and bright to wear that would make them more visible to other hunters. Off we went to our local craft store ( no fancy yarn shops just yet ) to find the perfect color and gage... She chose a very bright red and a large gage yarn and went about  knitting them the most adorable matching chunky red stocking caps.

 This year she was inspired by one of the 6 simple projects this nifty little book has to offer.  The Pocket Purse. Lucky recipients this year? For her music teacher she chose the fuzzy multi-colored yarn with a soft green button for contrast. For her best beach buddy she used asoft green  yarn with a lavender button to remind her of the beach!

I hadn't noticed the 100% KLUTZ certified stamp up in the right hand corner on the cover until I started this post! This little gem also got the Best Book Award from Oppenheim Toy Portfolio too!

 Who knows I may just learn to knit after all!

Happy Knitting~

Don't be shy now... tell us what you're stitching up for your loved ones?


  1. I love her knitting projects. Very sweet!

    Knitting is on the very top of my To Do list this winter. I am enamored by all the scrumptious yarns out there, plus I am still saving my angora fiber.

    I wanted to pass along two more books that have been helpful to us.

    -Kids Knitting: Projects for Kids of all Ages by Melanie Falick [Paperback]
    -How to knit by Fiona Watt

    and if you are a visual person, be sure to check youtube videos!

    happy day!

  2. Thanks Marcia,
    I'll pass your kind words on to my knitter and thanks for additional book recommendations too!


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