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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Alphabet Dice Game

Last year as we were doing our seasonal  decorating I  came across our box of Alphabet Dice and thought it would be fun to add some inspirational words to our table decorations to enjoy through the holiday season. 

A Centuries Old Spelling Game 

Enlightened educators have long recognized the connection  between play and learning. More than 300 years ago, Philosopher and educator, John Locke, suggested that by playing with alphabet dice, " Children may be cozen'd into a knowledge of letters"... without perceiving it to be any thing but sport. 

We had fun LOVED playing this game when the children were young and learning to spell. It was a great thing to just leave lying around in a bowl or in a book basket but it's not recommended for children under 3.

It gave the kids a chance to make words on their own, discover new sounds and arranging the dice into words that none of us could pronounce was fun too! 

It's the perfect stocking stuffer!  

Here's wishing you time with your loved ones for what ever brings you closer together.

Thank you all for joining us this year on our homeschooling journey through the teen years and looking back on the wonder years too!



  1. I love your new blog design Deborah! Your pictures are always stunning, too.


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